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Project Interviews

Project interviews (AMAs) hosted by The Midnight Show are a great way for potential investors and buyers to get the answers they need about a project. 

During these live question & answer sessions, participants can ask questions directly to the team behind the project in order to gain more insight into their plans and goals. 

This helps those considering investing or buying in make an informed decision before committing any money or resources.

Customised Marketing

Creating a bespoke marketing strategy requires careful consideration of the available budget. A comprehensive plan could include Press Releases to generate awareness, Social Media campaigns with partnerships with influencers to reach more people, Content Marketing strategies that drive leads through website visits and email signups, an AMA Tour for direct customer engagement and feedback as well as YouTube & TikTok posts to engage younger generations. Such a strategy would provide maximum value from the allocated budget while ensuring maximum visibility and brand recognition.

Consultancy Services

The Midnight Show is a great resource for projects looking to raise private investment into seed and pre-launch sales. The team at The Midnight Show has access to various investment groups, backed by a track record of supporting successful projects. This makes them an attractive option for investors who are looking for promising opportunities in which they can invest their money. As such, many investors keep close tabs on the projects that The Midnight Show works with and have come to trust their reputation as an indicator of potential success in the market place.

Auditing Service

A full contract audit conducted by a highly experienced Blockchain Developer is essential for any smart contracts to ensure that all code and operations are secure. This audit provides reassurance to potential investors that the contract has been reviewed by an independent third party, ensuring the highest level of security and reliability. The developer will examine every line of code in order to identify any issues with bugs or security vulnerabilities, as well as provide advice on how best to optimize the performance of the system. With such a thorough review process completed by an experienced professional, potential investors can be confident their money is safe when investing in these types of projects.

Staff Recruitment

At The Midnight Show, we understand the importance of recruitment and training for your team members. 

We are proud to offer a range of services to support both personal and professional development, including recruitment assistance as needed. Our full-time team is also available to provide marketing activities that will help ensure long-term community engagement. Furthermore, project teams can take advantage of specialized training opportunities that allow them to hone their skills while gaining valuable insight into the industry. With these resources in place, The Midnight Show is well-positioned for success!


The Midnight Team has been 100% professional and honest with all of their interactions with Atomic. It’s been a pleasure to work with them and multiple team members are involved every day, getting their hands dirty, helping me in every way possible.

The Astral
Atomic Token Owner

The Midnight Show, aka TMS, has taken our project into their harness for marketing and has made us whole heartily feel like that are a part of our core team. Communication has been consistent and their dedication has been never ending even still through our launch. The team is 1 and a million when it comes to the world of crypto marketing and if you’re considering using them for yourself , stop wasting time and say yes already. These guys and gals are the real deal and put the work in every day to ensure you get what you pay for and then some!

Dan – Founder & CEO

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